It’s 3:52pm in the afternoon. Dave is out with the TypeParis crew, and I am sitting on the lounge while Isla sleeps. The windows are open, bringing in the natural light, I can hear doves cooing, kids playing in the street below.

Every day while Isla sleeps I scramble about to relax, to get work done, to tidy the house, to have a bit of ‘me’ time. Normally she sleeps for 45 minutes twice a day, and those 45 minutes are such sweet, important minutes that I look forward to. I never realised the importance of taking time for myself prior to becoming a mum, because before having Isla I was able to enjoy moments to myself all the time. And whilst I love spending my days bringing her up, having time to myself is something that I really enjoy, and something that energises me so I can be the best for Isla while she’s awake.

Isla went down this afternoon, and I quickly (and silently) hurried about, tidying what needed to be tidied, and organising what needed to be organised. I put on the kettle, poured myself a cup of tea, got out a piece (or two) of chocolate, sat on the lounge, and relaxed.

As twenty minutes passed, I took a mental note that half of my time was up. I thought about what I wanted out of my break; if I wanted to turn off for the entire time, get a bit of work done, or plan for the week ahead. I popped on some music, opened up Pinterest, and made a meal plan for the week. Thirty minutes down, fifteen to go. I got up and made a shopping list. Ten minutes to go. I looked over our work schedule for the week. Time for Isla to wake up. I walked to the bedroom and peeked in. Fast asleep.

I sat back down, and looked at Facebook. Five minutes later and she was still asleep. That was an hour ago. Since then, I’ve hung out a load of washing, made Anzac biscuits, tidied up a little, and relaxed some more. I love these rare moments of unexpected time to myself, and I challenge myself to get up from the lounge and do something productive, or do something for myself.

Too often I can feel tired; so weary from a day of juggling Isla, working, and making sure that I make the most of being in Paris that I just sit in front of the computer and watch Netflix, rather than doing the things that energise me or make me feel happy. It’s funny though, that the thing I feel too tired to do is often what I need to feel a little more energised. So here’s to getting up off the lounge, closing the computer and baking those biscuits, doing the washing, reading that book, and doing the things that make us happy.

Up in the Loft