Life is good.

It is overwhelmingly exciting and challenging all at the same time. This has been a sentiment that has been sitting with me for a while now as we get into the last little bit of our time away.

Living life so often on the road, so often in different countries, for months at a time can be difficult. It brings a whole set of challenges that can be tiring to face. During our time away I have felt, at times, overwhelmingly lonely. This trip has by no means been a slow holiday-esque trip; but rather a whirlwind of adventures, work, and in-between moments.

It’s those in-between moments that are magic. The snippets of time where Dave is able to take five minutes to delight in Isla. The mornings that we sneak away from commitments and work to have coffee and reconnect. Taking the slow (and cheap) methods of travel and using those hours to dream about the future.

This trip has been unique from others we’ve taken as it’s the first time we’ve travelled as parents. We have new identities, and new roles to play in both the business and our family lives. We’ve had to adapt to a whole new way of balancing living, working, and travelling. Coupled with an abundant amount of work, and a busy travel schedule, we’ve found it a difficult to figure out.

Our lifestyle is by no means the easiest, cheapest, or most fun way to approach life. But, oh, is it rewarding. There is something about the simple pleasures of experiencing a new culture, of trying to learn their language. Of the embarrassment of getting things incorrect. There is a huge feeling of achievement navigating four countries and cultures with a small baby.

This past trip has been exhausting, tiring, lonely, and stretching, but it’s also been full of growth. We’ve grown as parents, as husband and wife, in our personal relationship with the Lord. We’ve been able to experience so many wonderful opportunities and see so many beautiful moments of everyday living from the perspective of four very different cultures.

I love travel because it is not easy. It is difficult. I think that it’s in these difficult moments that we grow the most, and out of that growth we experience the most rewarding moments of our time away.

So although this trip has been difficult, and although Dave and I feel emotionally exhausted and physically drained, there is no place I’d rather be right now.

We left Australia back in March intending to be away for 6 weeks, yet here we are, almost four months later in Paris. What an adventure it’s been.