The Loft | The Countdown

My ribs are sore. My belly tight. The kicks keep me up at night, and when they don’t, frequent trips to the bathroom do. The Braxton Hicks are coming on faster and stronger, and I’m counting down the weeks till I get to meet this babe. Each milestone feels monumental – 12 weeks, halfway through, reaching the third trimester, getting to 30 weeks. That afternoon back in late January that we found out that we were pregnant seems so long ago, and I cannot contain my excitement at the fact that this little baby is due next month.

This pregnancy has been so different, yet so similar to my pregnancy with Isla. With Isla I felt much more comfortable. I felt more able, and less put out by the task of growing a human for 9 months. This time around I feel like I have less patience. I’m more tired.I get frustrated more easily. But I’m also (maybe) more excited. I’m more fascinated and overwhelmed at the beauty in the feat of growing a child. I am more aware of the gift it is to get to be a mother, and the blessing of being pregnant.

I feel overwhelming love for this child we are yet to meet, and every time I look at Isla I grow a little more in love with her, and Dave. Knowing that we get to look forward to each milestone that we have celebrated with Isla makes me so excited for welcoming a second child into our family.

So while there is still a good few weeks to go (perhaps this baby will wait until November to make their welcome!), I am counting down the days and weeks until they arrive, savouring every moment I have with Isla and Dave. Savouring the calm and routine and ease of life that we have right now, while anticipating, and looking forward to the change to come.

Life is a blur right now. A whirlwind of emotions, events, milestones. This year has gone so quickly, and every moment has seemed to feel monumental. It has been an imperfect, beautiful, blurry rollercoaster ride. We are tired, and overwhelmed, and so incredibly excited for what is to come. I recently discovered a Japanese phrase, wabi-sabi: accepting and finding beauty within the imperfections of life. What an exhilarating thought. That life can be imperfect and beautiful. Let’s toast to that.