I can’t believe that our girl is nine months old! The adage rings true: time has gone by so quickly.

It is the biggest delight to learn more and more about Isla’s character every day. She is incredibly sweet. She is quick to smile, she is drawn to people, she is a calm soul and a contented baby. She can be a little chatterbox (this has been increasingly evident this past week as she’s discovered the phrase ‘nang’), but can also spend long periods of time quietly playing by herself. She delights in other children, and loves to be around others.

She has begun to realise that her voice and her cry are powerful, and we have begun to see little tantrums occur. One of her first and biggest occurred when we were out at a Vietnamese restaurant recently. We took her bottle of water away from her so she could eat some more food, and it was like the end of the world for her. She arched her back, her face went red, and she cried hard and loud. It was such a shock for Dave and I, and for a moment we didn’t know what to do as this is such a new part of parenting for us.

It’s so interesting to see that Isla isn’t perfect, and it’s been a process for Dave & I in the past week or so to really sit down and think about how we are going to speak into Isla’s life about such huge things like her behaviour, how we should discipline her, and how we are going to encourage her to be her best self. I am just beginning to understand how important consistency is in those decisions, which is difficult! I’d love to hear your thoughts on these things, and what you found worked, what helped, and what didn’t.

Our girl is not so little anymore! I can’t believe that she is closer to one, than she is to being a newborn. She has four little teeth, she loves to say ‘da-da-da’, ‘ma-ma-ma’, ‘nang-nang-nang’. She loves Peppa Pig. She is obsessed with anything that has a cord. She knows how to scroll on an iPhone, and she so enjoys typing on my laptop. She is the biggest delight.

Happy nine months Isla girl!

P.S. I will be posting more posts in the coming weeks about what we’ve been up to; let me know if you would like to hear about anything in particular!

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