The last few months have been so much fun, and so full of life. It’s been an extremely fulfilling year thus far.

I’ve planted herbs, tended to potted plants, and spent a lot of time with Isla out the front of our place weeding our front garden. There is something so lovely about watching Isla trying to copy my actions, even though it often involves her pulling out plants, instead of weeds. My mint has been thriving, however every time I plant coriander and basil, they die within the week. I have no idea what I’m doing wrong, but it’s been a fun process nonetheless.

I’ve been enjoying slipping into a routine with Isla: going on daily walks, reading books with her, watching her slowly start learning new words and understand new concepts. Being a parent is such an amazing blessing, and I’m so enjoying this age as she begins communicating more with us.

Dave has been incredibly busy this year, and I’ve found much joy in watching him work on some of his bucket list projects. I feel so thankful that the work he does provides for us, and allows me to be able to dedicate my time to bringing up Isla.

Earlier this year, I made an unexpected friend. She has encouraged me both creatively and as a Mum; we’ve had such good and real conversations, and it’s done my soul a whole lot of good. I’ve been doing some work with her on some design projects, and it’s been so life giving to get back into a creative atmosphere, especially now that I no longer do any creative work with Dave. I seriously look forward to our weekly catch ups, and I love seeing Isla interact with her kids in such a lovely way.

There’s been lots going on, and also not much happening at the same time. I’ve loved that. There’s something so lovely about the little things in life; seeing the beauty in the minutia and in the everyday. Life is good.