I love to write. It has been something I’ve enjoyed doing for most of my life. I have many memories of spending holidays writing short stories, talking to my Nan about becoming a journalist (this idea was very short-lived), writing (pretty average) poetry in high school years, and documenting my trips overseas for family back home. I have countless journals filled with years worth of thoughts, and I love the feeling of putting pen to paper, whether to write for myself personally, or to share with others. Writing has always been one of my truest ways of expressing myself.

It’s been a while since I’ve written in this space. Not for a lack of wanting to, but because I’ve been busy navigating what life looks like (and who I am) as a mother of two children. There has been little breathing room, beyond caring for our two beautiful kids – and figuring out our new family dynamic – to explore my desire to create, to write, and to pursue my other passions beyond parenthood.

The Loft | Life, lately

2017 was a beautiful year for me, where I felt most true to myself than ever before. I was part of a community, we found a church to call home, and Spanish was a daily part of life. I was constantly inspired, creatively challenged, and had outlets in which to pursue the things I love. I was challenged by a good friend to create, in my own way, and I’ve never been more excited by the work I produced. I truly believe that pursuing what I love outside parenthood has made me a better parent.

Felix will be 10 weeks old tomorrow, and I have spent these past 10 weeks rediscovering the early days of parenthood. The midnight feeds, the countless snuggles, that newborn cry. It has been a beautiful time of getting to know this little boy that has so suddenly become such a huge part of our family, and who has stolen our hearts. As we start to (hopefully) get into a bit more of a routine, and settle into life as a family of four, I’m extremely excited to find space and clarity to begin to start picking up the things I love again; writing, reading, creating. Getting outdoors, making good food, and sharing all of these things with Isla and Felix.

Above all, I continually thank God for the abundant blessings he has poured out over our lives, for the incredible privilege of being a mother, for an amazing husband who makes life so exciting, and for our beautiful two children. Life is good.

The Loft | Life, lately

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