Today I went and visited a friend that I went to school with. I have so many fun memories with her; binge watching High School Musical as late teens, obsessing over ABBA, having Gilmore Girls marathons, and memorising the Dirty Dancing finale off by heart. We spent so much of our formative teenage years together, and celebrated our journey from teens to young adults, from single ladies, to married wives.

Life moves quickly.

Today we introduced our babies to each other, and watched them as they laughed together, interacted with one another, and played. It is so crazy that we are in a new and different season of life, one where we are raising children and making homes.

This is why I’m so excited to be back in Australia. There is something so special about finding your way home. Back to our friends and family, to our favourite coffee shops, parks and neighbourhoods. We’ve been back for a week and a half now, and we feel overwhelmed at the prospect of settling down in one place. We’ve spent the last three and a half years moving around, never staying in one place for too long. But oh, how I am yearning for a house to call home.

It may take a bit of time before we find a place to live and get ourselves set up, but I’m so enjoying the journey we are on, and am rejoicing in the fact that we are home and here to stay.