Tonight Dave, Isla, and I will be catching a bus to the airport and boarding our flight home.

The last few days of our trips overseas are always up-and-down. We slowly transition into the headspace of being home, whilst not-quite-yet being home. We say goodbye to the travelling routine and habits we’ve gotten used to, and start to readapt to staying in the one place. This comes with a huge amount of excitement at the prospect of seeing family again (this is the one thing about travelling for long periods of time that sucks), of catching up with friends, of good old Aussie coffee, of familiar surroundings, and the Australian culture that we inevitably begin to miss.

At the same time we begin to reminisce about our time away, the highlights, what we loved about our trip, the best food we ate, and the best places we stayed at. We find ourselves in a juxtaposition, where we love two seemingly contradictory ways of life.

Dave and I have been chatting very seriously about what life looks like for us when we get back to Australia, and how we want to move forward with the next year or two. Where do we want to live? For how long do we want to live there? What direction should our business head in? What does community look like for us? What are our values and how will they be met in this next chapter of our lives?

We are incredibly excited to be heading back to Australia and spending some time in our home country, with the friends and family we love. We’re looking forward to finding a community, to investing in that community, and seeing where that leads us.

See you soon, Australia!