Life of late has been overwhelmingly good. I’ve been sitting on this idea for a while now, trying to get it out, trying to let words flow from my jumbled up thoughts, and attempt to make sense of this notion that I want to share.

I have written, and rewritten paragraphs upon paragraphs on this small thought over and over, getting frustrated at not being able to convey what I feel I need to convey.

But maybe, I’m beginning to realise, it doesn’t need to be explained. Perhaps I don’t need to use hundreds of words to explain this feeling deeply knitted in my stomach. This beautiful, exciting, and overwhelming feeling of happiness. So instead of writing a thought out post, one with structure and coherence, I will let the words cascade, jumbled, and perhaps not as succinct as I’d like. And maybe, you’ll get a small glimpse in to what I’m feeling, and can see how joyful life is right now for me.

The Loft | Happy thank you more please

I am content. My soul feels rejuvenated. I am deeply in love with my family, and I feel so very grateful for this life I get to live. I’m starting to realise the joy found in the simplicity of living in the now, and looking for the happiness in whatever stage of life I’m currently in. Of chasing the meaningful things in life, and trying to let go of the stuff that doesn’t matter. I’m finding myself more and more figuring out that I need to put my phone away, stop looking at a screen, and be present in whatever I’m doing in that moment. It’s a process and a journey; one that I’m thoroughly enjoying.

Motherhood has truly redefined who I am. I believe that it has given me a clarity to see what is important, and has encouraged me to pursue what I really enjoy in life. Since having Isla, I have never been happier. I have never found more purpose, energy and focus in life. I feel like it has given me a push to go after what I love, whether that be writing, eating healthier, being creative, getting outside. And that, in turn, I believe has helped me become a better mother. It’s felt like this cyclical process, one helping the other, one pushing the other to be stretched; to learn and grow, and be bettered as part of that process. It has been a thrilling ride, and I am eagerly awaiting this next chapter of becoming a Mum of two, and how that will change me yet again.

Life is good. It is full, and it is exciting.

So here’s to happiness. Here’s to finding joy in life. To finding what makes us tick. To figuring out what brings us fulfilment and chasing after it.