The Loft | A DIY for your weekend

I’m a sucker for a good DIY. I have long been inspired by people going out and repurposing furniture; making something beautiful out of something seemingly useless.

Though I am constantly consuming inspiring images and stories of people creating beautiful things, I seldom never get my own hands dirty. I have often put this down to travelling (a valid excuse for the most part), and being on a budget –not being in the position to buy the materials needed for any particular project.

Something that I’m learning though, is that being creative doesn’t have to result in perfection. There is something special about getting dirt under your nails, putting effort into something, and making do with what you have in your home. I can be a stickler for rules, and often limit myself when it comes to pursuing a creative project, telling myself I need a particular piece of wood, or specific type of paint. It’s been on my mind to let things go a little and just give something a try. It may not work, or it may turn out wonderfully, but regardless of the result enjoy the process.

The Loft | A DIY for your weekend

Last weekend, I was feeling particularly inspired. I’d read this tutorial on white washing terracotta planters, the sun was out, and I’d had a beautiful morning having coffee by myself, people watching, enjoying the world go by.

When we got home, I realised that we had an old terracotta planter that was being used, but didn’t look particularly pretty, and I remembered that we had some sort of paint tucked away in a case somewhere. Isla was due for a nap, so I found the paint, grabbed one of Dave’s paintbrushes, emptied the planter, gave it a quick wash and popped Isla down for her sleep.

The Loft | A DIY for your weekend

I spent the next hour or so sitting in the sun, listening to music, slowly painting away the stresses of the past week. I’d had grand aspirations for the planter, but a lack of paint, mishaps with old masking tape, and limited time meant that those plans went out the window, and I just enjoyed the process of painting one stroke after the other, seeing where it would take me.

What I ended up with wasn’t the finished result I’d been thinking of, but was incredibly enjoyable nonetheless, and now, sitting on our front verandah is a little potted plant with a story. Every time I’ve looked at it this week, I’ve been reminded of the lazy hour spent in the sun, doing something for myself, expressing myself in a new way.

The Loft | A DIY for your weekend

I’m inspired to keep creating. Creating in a different way than I normally would. I just found a small free bookcase in need of a lot of love, a 10 minute drive from our place. Tomorrow I hope to go and collect it, and see what things I have at home that I can use to make it a little less trashed, and a little more loved.

This weekend is meant to be beautiful weather in our area. So I encourage you to get outside this weekend, and enjoy it! Read a book, go weed your garden, or get stuck into a project, whether it be large or small. Listed below are some of my favourite sites for small DIY projects, check them out, and let me know if you get around to doing one, or have any other sites to check out!

  • Fall for DIY – Simple, easy, beautiful DIY projects. My go-to site for inspiration.
  • A Beautiful Mess – The perfect combination of food, crafts, and home decor DIYs!
  • Paper & Stitch – I really look forward to Brittni’s weekly roundup of DIYs every Friday!
  • The Crafter’s Box – These guys are a monthly subscription service where they partner with designers and craftsmen to create a DIY for you to do in a different field, each month.