I am a highly sentimental person. Dates are special to me – I love celebrations and holidays, and I love to read meaning into things. After we started dating in 2011, for about a year, I wrote down all of the meaningful text messages Dave wrote to me in an Evernote note (until it somehow got deleted, and I was devastated). I have all the postcards my Dad sent to me while he was on ships and away overseas. I keep the first love letter I received from Dave in my wallet. I absolutely LOVE Christmas, and birthdays, and I get joy out of the sentimentality that having a cup of coffee with Dave holds.

I believe Paris will always be a special place for me, not only because it is a beautiful city, but because we’ve been here during a few key moments in our lives: being pregnant with Isla in 2015 (being in Paris actually ended up being our last trip together overseas without kids), growing into my role as a mother to Isla last year, and this year being pregnant with this baby.

The Loft | 6 Months In

We are almost 6 months into this pregnancy, and it is just as special this time round, as it was when we were pregnant with Isla. Every kick I feel, every day that my bellybutton sticks out a little more, I am reminded that this baby will be here in the flesh soon. Having Isla here with us now, and realising this is what we have to look forward to, really makes these kicks and movements more special than I could have ever imagined.

Something I regret while I was pregnant with Isla is the lack of photos we took to document the 9 months. I have very few photos of how my body grew and changed, and there have been a few times since having Isla, that I’ve looked back, disappointed. This has been something I’ve wanted to do differently this time round, so today I asked Dave to take some photos of me, 6 months in. I don’t love being in front of the camera, and to be honest it was the last thing we both wanted to do as we were tired and ready for lunch. But I’m so pleased we did, and I feel so grateful that I now have some more photos to look back on in years to come.



I often wonder what life will be like with a second child; how our family dynamics will change, how Isla will cope, if I’ll ever have time to myself again. I just now had the overwhelming realisation that as I count the weeks into this pregnancy, I’m also counting down the weeks of having Isla as our only child. As exciting it is to have another person in our family, I am all of a sudden feeling a little sad at the thought of having only a finite time left with just Isla. I have so much fun with her, and we have such a special bond that I feel like I need to hold on tight to these moments, and not take them for granted.

October will be here before we know it, and our lives will change yet again, as we meet this little person growing inside me. What an incredible gift it is to be a Mother.